Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bit about Joe...

Joe has a folder that goes to and from school with him and inside is a dry erase board that the teachers use to communicate his daily activities and other information with us. Usually its nothing exciting but last week we got a special note from Joe's speech therapist. She reported that when presented with picture cards he was able to pick out "ball" and "dog" when they were named. OMG!! Most of you might not grasp how exciting this is! We're so thrilled to get this kind of report.
Its hard when we go long stretches without a significant milestone. This is a pretty exciting one that I couldn't wait to share!
Also, please pray for us right now as we are in the process of getting Joe a wheelchair for his transportation to and from school. We had been borrowing one but it was reclaimed and now Joe cannot ride the school bus until we get another one. So, we are working with docs and such getting the proper paperwork in place and all that to get a new chair. In the mean time I am driving him to and from school. And with the snow we have had lately I'm really missing the school bus!!

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