Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Over Memorial Weekend we had a fun few days at the lakehouse. Though it was disappointing that it rained three of the four days we were there... but we had good company with family and friends so we still had a good time! Here are a few pictures.
Here is one of me and my girls. Two of them live up near the lakehouse so we get to see them on most of our visits - the other lives near us but took advantage of the long weekend too. ;-)
Here is one of my BEAUTIFUL girl's toothy grin! She has been working hard with her First Steps therapists and gaining strength with every session. Her sitting has improved so much and she is starting to pivot on her tummy. Its exciting to see her progressing. Christine is a very good-natured girl and such a joy to be around!

This one is of Joe on his new tricycle. We are hoping using the trike will help him to learn reciprocal motion and aid in his learning to walk. He has become much more mobile in his walkers both at home and at school. I am having to take more notice of stuff left on the desk and table because Joe will scoot around and yank things off of any surface he can reach! Its hard babyproofing for a four year old toddler. But we are very thankful for the progress he is making.
Ah, Nate. He has been very full of energy lately. The curtain and blinds in the boys' room were pulled down by Joe and they have been without them for a few days now. With the sun peaking into their room bright and early Nate has been up at 6am almost every day! Not good for mommy!

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