Monday, May 23, 2011

Hubby's B-day

My wonderful husband celebrated his twenty-ninth birthday yesterday - yes, I married a young'n. ;-) We have been pretty busy lately with putting the house on the market and other things so nothing big was planned (we'll save that for his 30th next year!). But we were able to slip away sans children for a nice dinner out.
We went to a place really enjoy dining at: The Claddagh Irish Pub. We have found that often has certificates for this place, so we got there fairly often (once every other month maybe?). We usually stick to our favorite dishes but this time we were brave and branched out. We tried two signature dishes: the shamrock wings and the corned beef and cabbage entree. The wings were good. But the corned beef and cabbage was amazing! SO good! We'll definitely be ordering that again!
We thought about going to the movies but we discussed at length how ridiculous the prices have gotten and we decided to go cheap and we rented a movie instead. We were excited to find Vertigo (number nine on the AFI Top 100 List). It is a classic Alfred Hitchcock film. Very eerie. I was a little unsettled after watching it. So we had to watch "something happy" for a bit to clear my head before going to bed.

Anyway... we enjoyed spending the evening together. But this morning I realized that I forgot to get my hubby a birthday card. So here it is:

How do I begin to tell you how honored I am
To have you in my life?
I'll start by saying it was a dream come true
The day I became your wife.

You're my best friend in the good times
And my rock in times of sorrow.
You're the reason for sweet yesterdays
And my promise for tomorrow.

I never thought I could feel this loved
Until I became your wife.
You made this year and each other year

The best of my life.

Love always,

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