Monday, May 09, 2011

Wedding Words of Wisdom

I went to a bridal shower yesterday for a lovely young woman that I have known for many years. It is exciting to see a woman who has a true heart for God be brought together with the love of her life. And what a blessing to join with other friends and family to bless her during this time. One special friend of the bride shared a short devotional with her and all of the guests. The message she shared emphasized the importance of respecting our husbands. She talked about how while we women desire and need to be loved by our husband it is actually our respect that men desire and need. She came up with an anagram to help us remember ways that we can show our husbands respect.

R - remain interested in your man
E - encourage his dreams
S - speak well of him to others
P - place yourself under his leadership
E - embrace regularly
C - create an atmosphere of respect in your home
T - tell him often that you respect him

This is so important in a marriage. A great reminder for me and I hope for you readers also. So, what are you waiting for? Go tell your man how much you respect him. ;-)

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