Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap

We were blessed with several wonderful Christmas gatherings this year. It was a busy Christmas weekend but full of fun and family. Friday we had my family over to our house for a yummy menu of lasagna, spinach alfredo, and bruschetta.

We read the Christmas story from the book of Luke before opening our presents together. Christine got this awesome zebra that she loves! Nate and my nephew had a blast playing in the paper. And Joe was just excited to have everyone there. Isaac and Nate had a couple of good games of chess. Then Isaac played with my sister's boyfriend and let him win. I think. ;-)
The only thing missing from the day was my sister who moved to Georgia this year. sigh... its our first Christmas apart. It was weird to not have her there to share the day with us.

Saturday was Christmas Eve which is always spent at my Grandma's house with all our family on my dad's side. He is #8 of ten kids so needless to say its a full house! As usual I'm negligent in taking pictures at this particular event. But it was a special time as always.

Christmas day we had the rare pleasure to stay home and just do Christmas on our own. No running to anyone else's house, or having guests. Just us. Relaxing together. It was a blessing. I made us a yummy brunch of casserole and cinnamon rolls.

Then we enjoyed sharing our gifts with one another... have I mentioned lately how cute my kids are? Nate loved the hats I got him. He is always playing "Spy" games and now he has hats to go with his disguises... and a special pad to write his spy notes on.

The day after Christmas we shared dinner with my inlaws and were again overwhelmed by their generosity. The kids got a lot of fun toys. They love spending time with their cousins too. Here is a pix of Nate and his cousin showing off their toothless grins.
Christine had such fun playing with Grandma's beads.
And here we are... hopefully we'll get a better group shot in the spring at our family photo session. ;-)

Anyway, that about wraps up our Christmas season... I'm ready to tackle the New Year! ;-)

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