Monday, December 05, 2011


Christine is such a beautiful blessing to us. She is full of smiles and cuddles and she warms our hearts daily. She has become quite the momma's girl... which while flattering is a little much at times. She has moments when she will not be happy without me which can be exhausting. And she has gotten to where her mood is very easily effected by Joe. He is rather moody himself lately and if he is screaming or crying for any reason well then so is Christine.... not good for mommy's nerves. Or Nate's. But we do our best to stay sane in spite the overwhelming amount of crying that seems to go on here sometimes.
Christine is continuing with all four of her therapies (PT, OT, DT and Speech) through First Steps. Progress is slow but steady... we're used to that after all we've been through with Joe. She is gaining in strength all the time. She is eating all sorts of foods and textures though we're still working on getting her to self-feed consistently. She has gotten to the stage where she basically cries through most of her PT (where she works the hardest) but as soon as the therapist starts filling out her paperwork at the end of the session Christine settles down and is happy again. She is a really sweet baby girl and all who know her love her. I mean, look at that face! How could you not love that cute face!? ;-)

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