Thursday, December 29, 2011


Poopy fingers were becoming a daily problem here. Joe has taken a liking to putting his hands down his pants (and diaper). Its not easy to find onesies in a size 5T... So we had to improvise. I bought bed corner straps at Walmart (almost identical to these I found on Amazon). We attach this strap to Joe's shirt in the front and back (between his legs) to keep his shirt tucked in and his hands out of his diapers... so far so good! We have yet to have any poopy fingers since we implemented this system! Yeah!

Joe has developed a jealous streak. I thought that we would have trouble right after Christine was born but he seemed unaffected by her presence until the past couple of months. Now he throws a fit if I sit to nurse her, or anything. There have been a few times that I have resorted to sitting on the stairs to nurse Christine because Joe wouldn't stop grabbing and pinching both Christine and I while she was feeding. Its been very draining. I have run out of energy and patience.

Joe has been taking some good steps lately, literally. With proper support he is actually taking some steps. It has been so encouraging to see this happening. Milestones are few and far between with Joe so this is a really big deal for us. We're discussing the possibility of getting him a new walker that would hopefully encourage him to initiate more reciprocal motion with his legs instead of trying to scoot around two footed. Whenever that happens then we will then be able to adjust his old walker to fit Christine and start working on walking with her.

Coming up after the new year Joe's school schedule will be changing... I had him transferred back to the AM developmental preschool class. I am really hoping that he'll go back to what we were doing last year: school, lunch, nap... because non-napping Joe has not been a good thing around here. He has been irritable and whiny. Even though I'm not looking forward to having to get him up early to be on the bus, I think ultimately its going to be better for our family schedule. Also, I have been talking with his PT (outside of school) about getting him into OT and possibly Speech at that office as well. So hopefully all these changes will go smoothly.

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