Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Homeschool Co-op Lego Class Part 1

In our homeschool co-op all the moms take turns teaching classes.  I have done different story/craft classes for the younger grades before but this time I took on something a little different.  I wanted to find a subject that would really (hopefully) get the kids to engage.  With the plan to teach Nate's 3rd grade class I offered to do a Lego Class.

Thanks to Pinterest I have found tons of great Lego learning ideas that I have been able to use in our class.  In this post I will share what we did in our first three class sessions.  I will have a follow-up post with the details on our last three sessions next month.

Week One - we helped the kids cut out and assemble their own Lego minifig paper box (a printable found in this birthday party kit)

Week Two - the kids played Lego Bingo and then had some free-build time.

Week Three - the class had fun wearing their Lego masks.
A few of the kids had recently seen the Lego Movie and were all singing the "Everything is Awesome" song.  So they had to make "Everything is Awesome" out of Legos. ;-)

Its been a pretty relaxed class.  Its extracurricular, the kids are having a blast.

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