Saturday, December 08, 2007

Professionalizing Motherhood

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago I heard Jill Savage speak and she was so genuine and real in her knowledge and experience and it encouraged me to read one of her books. It is "Professionalizing Motherhood - Encouraging, Educating and Equipping Mothers at Home". She is the mother of five (one adopted) - she had teenagers and toddlers at the same time! She is founder and director of Hearts at Home - a ministry for mothers. There are is a quote from the book that I'd like to share: "The profession of motherhood has one primary goal: to see a child grow into a mature, godly, respectful and loving adult.... We may be pursuing a result that we will only see decades from now, but lets not lose sight, over time, of our extremely important goal. Motherhood is a vitally important and worthy profession to commit ourselves to." How true! And how hard to remember sometimes! There are some days when I feel like everything I do gets undone, or ignored, or defied. But long term the little things that I do every day - reading my son books that seem mindless to me, especially when I have to read the same ones over and over again, those books are enriching and the time spent together is building our relationship and creating a bond that will last, when I reprimand him for poor behavior and he defies me now, someday he will be able to make the right choices in life because I have instilled values and taught him right from wrong, even though I have to fight to get him to eat his vegetables now, someday he will have healthy eating habits.... and though now he has to be walked step by step through his prayers someday he will pray on his own because his faith will be his own. This is my prayer, this is my hope, that the things I do day after day that seem sometimes to be insignificant now will someday result in a grown man that loves God, loves his family, is responsible, kind, generous, funny, and mature.

If anyone is interested you can find out more about Jill Savage and Hearts at Home at the following websites:


Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

I used to have "The Thinks You Can Think" by Dr. Seuss memorized.

Your heart is in the right place. You'll do great.

Sniz said...

This was an encouraging post, Lawana.