Monday, December 31, 2007

Finding Chapstick

Lately our little man Nate has gotten pretty chapped lips from sucking/chewing on them. So Isaac and I thought maybe if we got chapstick w/ a familiar character on it that he would be more inclined to use it periodically. Finding Nemo chapstick then became a part of our bedtime routine: put on pj's, sit on potty, brush teeth, put on Nemo chapstick, read book, pray, lights out. So far so good - it seems to be helping. I say all this about the chapstick in order that you be able to understand the following cute story (at least I think its cute).
This morning at breakfast I was asking Nate about the family get together we had at my parents' house yesterday. "Did you have fun, Who did you play with," etc. I then asked him what movie he watched. His answer was kind of excited and fast so I didn't catch what he said right away so I asked again and he said "Nemo Chapsick". I kind of giggled to myself as I realized why he answered that way. Nate then seemed to realize that what he had said wasn't right and he said "Finding Chapstick".... then he finally said "Finding Nemo" and seemed rather proud of himself for fixing the statement on his own. Obviously the whole thing was adorable but it was so neat to watch his thought process as he figured it out all by himself. He is getting sooo smart! My little boy is not so little anymore! sniff....


Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

At least he's not eating Chapstick. I'm pretty sure I did that a few times when I was a kid. There's not a lot of nutritional value to that stuff, but it tastes ok.

Sniz said...

haha, what a cute story!

Jen said...

Hey! It's Jen from Blessings and I think we must a have a lot in common! I've been wanting to get to that exhibit myself...and I know what you mean about the gift cards! I got one for my b-day last month for Carabbas and you just gave me an idea for what to do after/before dinner! Oh, and we love some of the same but clean!
Be blessed today!
In Him,