Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Little About Going Potty - New Tooth - And Weight

We’ve started trying to use candy as incentive for Nate to go on the potty. Monday he went four times and today he went twice since naptime. He’s excited about wearing “Cars” pull-ups – I wouldn’t let him wear them until he’d gone potty.

Josiah’s first tooth came in today! I knew it was coming and my nipples hurt just thinking about it! We still haven’t introduced Josiah to solid foods because with Nate as soon as we did my period came back so I’m kind of glad to postpone that for a bit longer.

I hope it didn’t sound awful in the last post when I said I looked good in the pix. Its just that my weight has fluctuated a lot over the past few years and its kind of nice to be able to shop in normal sizes again – not plus or maternity or plus-maternity - and feel pretty good about the way I look (most of the time). My body certainly has changed a lot both before and after both pregnancies. I gained a lot of weight our first year or so of marriage (I blame it in part to the pill and my sedentary job at the airline call center). I lost a little bit of weight before I got pregnant with Nate. I was huge (seriously) when I gave birth to Nate. Thanks to breastfeeding the weight came off after that and I lost quite a bit before I got pregnant with Josiah. Again I lost the baby weight pretty well, I’m just a few pounds away from my pre-Joe weight. I’ve still got awhile to go before I’m at my ideal weight but I’m almost to the weight I was when we got married which feels pretty good.

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Sniz said...

You ARE looking thinner, Lawana. I meant to tell you at church on Sunday. Love your blog, BTW.