Friday, December 28, 2007

Sitcom Withdrawl!

So I get a little obsessed/addicted, whatever you want to call it when it comes to a few tv shows. Due to the WGA writers strike (which I do support) all my favorites are on hiatus indefinitely. sigh.... Reruns just aren't the same. I miss the ongoing saga of Heroes and their quest to understand their powers and (of course) to save the world. I miss seeing Jim and Pam on the Office and their developing relationship and the awkward humor that Rainn Wilson and Steve Carell bring to that show. Here are a couple of videos that help ease the withdrawl symptoms that I've been experiencing. Maybe they'll help you too.

Check out this video: Jim and Pam - A Love Story

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Check out this video: Tribute to NBCs Heroes - If Everyone Cared

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Sniz said...

I love the Office and really want to start watching Heroes...but since I missed the first season, to me if I started watching it now would be like starting a book halfway through, you know?

Kevin said...

Did i ever tell you that i was on the set of Heroes?... or did you ever read it on my blog.

Wani said...

To Sniz - since we aren't getting any new episodes for awhile this would be the perfect time to rent the last season (you have Netflix right? so it won't be expensive) and get caught up. Isaac rarely gets into shows the way I do and he really likes Heroes. Its a good show for us to watch together because its not too soap opera-ish for Isaac like Grey's or some other shows are.

To Kev - I must have missed that blog entry - I'm so jealous! You'll have to tell us all about it when we see you!

Robotface Shumway (Big Doofus) said...

Thanks to the DVR with our Dish Network system, I've been able to catch up on old shows that I missed like Star Trek Voyager and Dora the Explorer.