Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Works for me Jewelry!

So, I've read many a Works For Me Wednesday post but never done one of my own... until now. Hhhhmmmmm.... what to blog about... I have so much to choose from. Aha!
I haven't done this before but was pretty excited about it. A few days ago I was checking out the clearance section at Target. I saw a set of three pairs of green earrings that were really cute. There were two sets on the rack - but one was missing one earring. I really liked the set so I took both up to the checkout. I pointed out the missing earring and asked the checkout guy if I could get extra $ off. The sets were originally $8.99... they were on clearance for $6.28... the guy gave me $4 off for the missing earring. Not bad. So... I took the one earring and added it to a leather necklace that I had already but didn't care for the existing pendant on it. Voila! A new matching necklace and earrings!
I also took a necklace that had a pink stone dangling from a heart and swapped the pink stone for one of the green stones on one of the pairs of earrings. Again, like magic, I had a "new" matching necklace and earrings!
So, the regular price would have been $17.98 (plus tax)... I only paid $8.56 and I didn't just get 5 1/2 pairs of earrings... I got two matching necklace and earring sets (plus 2 1/2 pairs of earrings that I haven't decided what to do with yet). I think I did alright... what do ya think?


Carlie Faulk said...

Wow - I love the heart set. Very creative!

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Runningamuck said...

Totally cute! I'm going to keep this in mind next time I see clearanced earrings, thanks!

Marcia said...

GORGEOUS - you are soooo creative.

Well done!

marcia, Organising Queen

Hadias said...

Good for you. I love re-purposing things too.

Sniz said...

Wow, that is so awesome. I think you are even more frugal than me! I'm going to be looking for those cool matching jewelry sets at church!

ames said...

Very clever, and some very snazzy jewelry!

Lilypad Mom said...

I don't think I would have remembered that I had something at home to use with it and would have left them there. Great job and a great deal!

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