Friday, April 04, 2008

10 Things....

I got a comment from Digging for Pearls saying she was hosting a give-away. I'm a sucker for free stuff, so of course I've gotta do it! In order to enter I've gotta post about ten struggles that I face as a Christian woman. The potential prize is the book: Running on Empty and Looking for the Nearest Exit! by: Anne Chapman. These are in random order because thats how my mind works.

I struggle with:

1. Finding enough time to do everything I think I need to: housework, errands, time w/ kids, cooking, time with husband, time with God, serving others, time for myself, bathing, reading, exercising, relaxing...

2. Knowing when(and who) to say "yes" to and when to say "no". I need to learn that just because something is "good" doesn't mean that God doesn't have something "better" in mind for me. Like it'd be good for me to be in charge of VBS (or something) but it'd be "better" for me to not over-commit so that I don't miss out on important time with my family.

3. Being too critical of others (sometimes) and myself (alot). I try not to because it does no one any good. But its one of those things that really happens before I even realize it and then its too late.

4. Developing a healthy self-image and appreciating myself and my body just the way God made me instead of wishing to be different. I've struggled with my weight for a number of years and at this point I don't want to diet for fear of it becoming an obsession. I'd rather be a little chunky and happy than thin and unhappy.

5. Desiring to want to spend time with God in prayer and studying the bible. Paul says he does that which he does not want to and he wants to do that which he does not do. Why?!? Why is it so hard sometimes for us to want to spend time in fellowship with our Creator?

6. Worrying: about my personal growth, my marriage, my kids, my family, my friends, you name it. I guess worry of any kind stems from a control issue and/or a lack of trust.

7. Consciously spending my time wisely instead of on the unimportant. Its so easy to fall into the habit of taking care of the urgent and putting off the important.

8. Not wanting to be selfish so I try to take care of everyone around me all the time and let my own needs fall by the wayside. But it backfires because I get tired, cranky and eventually I'm no good to anyone!

9. Wanting life to go the way I want it to instead of trusting in His divine plan. Again with the control thing. Not that I think I have all the answers (not all the time). Its just hard to let go sometimes.

10. Comparing my "problems" to those that I see (or think I see) others facing. I'll feel bad for struggling with something because so-and-so has it so much harder. I won't just allow myself to feel what I'm feeling, I over-analyze and second guess.

Well.... this was both easier and harder than I thought it'd be. I could have gone on, but we were only supposed to list ten things. Now, looking at this list I realize I could probably do a whole post on each one. Funny, if you really think about it, none of these things are completely out of my control. Not really. I could change alot of them. It might not be easy, but through prayer and discipline God could make some serious changes in my heart and mind - if I ask Him to, if I let Him. So what is holding me back?


Sniz said...

Wow, what a wonderful, deep post, Wani. I struggle with every single thing you mentioned too. Thank you so much for being so real and is so encouraging to me and makes me feel I know you so much better. I am really excited about our B&B weekend. It'll be so fun to just be able to relax and chat.
PS, I hope you win the book!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I stuggle with all of these too! Thanks for making me not feel alone, especially today. #5 is something I pray about all the time that the Holy Spirit would build the desire within me.

I NEED that B & B weekend soooo bad! I hope you guys will want to go the weekend following me weaning Judah, whenever that is, LOL!


Rachel said...

Hi. My name is Rachel. I found your site from on the aarticle about having a baby in the hospital. Ever since I read the article I have been doing a lot of research (I am a nursing student studing to be a PA and I am using this topic for a paper) and I found that some of her sites were not repitable sites, and that some of the facts she found on some sites were skewed and not correct. As part of my research I was wondering if you could tell me why your c-section was unnessesary.
If your compterable it would be nice to know a little bit of what led up to the sistuation. I would greatly appriciate your opinion and help. My e-mail is if you would feel more compterable that way. Thank you, and God Bless.

Rachel said...

sorry I mean comfortablelol oops

Mel's World said...


WOW...I am so glad that I came over to visit your world. There are many similarities in Wani's World and Mel's World.

That was a great post...thanks for being so transparent and honest with it.

Melissa in Mel's World