Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things I Love About My Life

Yanowhatimean.com hosts a Tuesday Ten and today's theme is "10 Things That I Love About My Life". So... here are my ten things!

1. My Father, God in Heaven and the salvation that I have through Him.

2. The wonderful husband and marriage that I've been blessed with.

3. My two cute, wonderful boys! They challenge me daily to be a better person and bring joy to my life like no one else.

4. My family and the great memories I have of growing up in a big family.

5. My husband's family and the values that he was brought up with.

6. The lifelong friends that I made while I was in college... they'll always be "my girls"! Except for the guys... who obviously are not "my girls". Love ya!

7. Other women that have become my friends, my mentors and my lifelines as I'm still finding my way as a wife and mother.

8. The church body that we're a part of. I've never been a part of a better body of believers.

9. Photography... I love being able to occasionally capture a special moment that needs to be remembered for a lifetime.

10. Laughter... my close friends and family know how to make me laugh which truly is the best medicine!

** and if we were doing eleven things I'd have to add chocolate to the list!


Leslie said...

Good answers!!! I agree that chocolate should be on the list!! lol

Have a great week.

Kevin said...

I'm not quite so sure what to think about #6. I don't think Peckman would enjoy being called a Girl!

Wani said...

There you go, Kev... I amended it so save Peckman's feelings.