Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Favorite Movie Comedies

Yanowhatimean.com hosts a Tuesday Ten and today's theme is Ten Favorite Movie Comedies... well, being that I LOVE movies... its hard for me to narrow it down to ten... but I'll try. They'll be in random order at best and probably if you asked me for my top ten another day the list would be totally different. Here goes nothing!

1. The Princess Bride
2. Miss Congeniality
3. 50 First Dates
4. Hitch
5. Dan in Real Life
6. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
7. Bruce Almighty
8. Zoolander
9. Hairspray
10. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (this one's for my husband)


Simply Shannon said...

I love the slide show! Too Cool!

Kat said...

That is a cool slide show...I need to check out how to do that! I also need to go and put "Dan in real life" in my netflix queue.

Isaac said...

She must really love me to put one of my favorite movies on there. Or maybe she secretly loves it too and just likes to give me a hard time about having to watch it every year to get into the Christmas spirit...

Wani said...

sigh... So this is what it takes to get my husband to comment on my blog: talking about Christmas Vacation.

Heather said...

Ya know, I was debating whether Princess Bride is considered a comedy - that is one of my favorite flicks of all time!!

Thanks for visiting me today.

Irishcoda said...

Cool slide show! I've seen 1,2, and 10...especially loved that one!

Teena said...

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is on my list too!

I played too :)

Sniz said...

We own seven of these and we will probably soon be buying Dan in Real Life. Hey, we never went to Applebees. We need to do that!
Later, Sniz

Nino said...

Dan In Real Life's great, isn't it?