Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Direct Buy Deals

I've seen an add on tv that has caught my eye a few times. I'm always looking for a good deal on everyday stuff but especially on larger purchases its great to cut costs.
So I thought I'd check out Direct Buy. They have locations all over the US and Canada including a Direct Buy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their website offers information about how Direct Buy is able to offer low prices on everything from furniture for your home or business to custom cabinetry and flooring. They give you manufacturer prices, cutting out the middle man price hikes! Right now they are offering a free visitor's pass to check it out with no obligation.
We're not in the market for any big purchases right now but when we are ready... we might be checking out Direct Buy for ourselves. ;-)

1 comment:

stahlhut said...

And if you call in the next 15 minutes, they'll throw in an extra subscription for only three low payments of $19.95
Just kidding, it actually sounds cool. Love you, Wana :)