Monday, March 30, 2009

Joe the Builder

Today is my Lil Joe's 2nd birthday. Milestones like this are bittersweet for me. Its wonderful to get together with our families and celebrate his life and all that... but we're always reminded of all that he is not doing that he "should" be.
The theme was Bob the Builder. I'd found some cute goodie bags for the boys at the Dollar Spot at Target a few months ago. I'm glad we do family only parties because I only have to do 4 bags for our two boys and our two nephews. It'd get pretty expensive if we had all our friends' kids to buy for too!
My friend came over and helped me to make cupcakes yesterday. I copy & pasted some Bob the Builder images from the internet and printed them out to decorate the cupcakes. I wanted to keep things pretty simple so I made a big pot of chili. Builders like chili, right?
Joe's shirt even went with the theme. I found it in Nashville last weekend after the ladies retreat. It has a little builder guy and says God Built Everything. It has Hebrew 3:4 on it: For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything. That was the perfect reminder to me that even though the world might see our beautiful Joe as "flawed" God made him just the way he is and no matter what challenges he encounters (or brings our way) he is a blessing and God has a purpose for him all his own.

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jan said...

We only do family birthday parties as well. Sometimes I feel guilty about it,when I compare myself to other moms, but oh well!
I love that verse from Hebrews-it is a perfect and comforting verse...