Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day Prayer

Today we are enjoying beautiful springlike weather here in the Hoosier state, which is rare for St. Patrick's Day. The sun is shining, its warm but we have a nice breeze blowing by to remind us that its not quite fully spring just yet.
The prayer request that I have is actually about our Little Joe, not St. Patty. Around the end of last week we got a notice from our insurance company (that we've been with since last fall). It stated that they found Joe's delays to be a preexisting condition and he was therefore uninsurable and they were removing him from our policy. We are unsure of how his problems can be labeled a preexisting condition when he has no diagnosis. We are in the process of talking to different people and seeing if there is anything we can do to get them to reverse their decision.
Also, there will be a hearing at the end of the month with Children's Special Health Care Services to appeal that our effective date be moved a mere two weeks back to include our first appointment at Riley where they did a series of blood and urine tests that cost a pretty penny. We have been anxious to hear what their decision will be.
On a lighter note: Joe has been working hard in his First Steps therapy. He's been vocalizing alot lately and has even been whistling sometimes. While I can't say that he has really learned many new skills lately, he has been getting more and more comfortable doing things that were difficult for him a short while ago. Things like sitting, reaching for toys, etc. We are trying to transition Joe to a different sippie cup. The one he has been using for quite some time was great but had a soft tip and he has gnawed holes in almost all of them! So, we are working on getting him crossed over to a hard tipped cup. He is interacting with us more and more. We have gotten to attend a couple children's programs at one of our local libraries and we all enjoyed being able to do that together. Here is a video of Nate and Joe playing ball just yesterday. Please ignore my scolding voice in the background. ;-)

So we would greatly appreciate it if you could please say a prayer for these matters mentioned above. Insurance is not a good thing to be without and Joe's mounting medical bills are not something we are completely prepared to pay for on our own right now. Thank you and we will keep you updated as we learn more about the situation.


Rina said...

I found your blog through the comment you left on my blog (www.intostillwaters.com) and wanted to let you know that I'm praying for your son. My daughter was also delayed and she was in First Steps for a few years. I think she was about 18 months old before she even tried to walk, and it was even longer before she started talking. First Steps was really helpful for us, and you'd never know she was delayed now. From reading through some of your archives, I know this has been difficult for you, and I just wanted to let you know that I've been through some of what you're experiencing, too. Keep trusting in God and in the meantime I'll be praying with you.

Sherie said...

I just read about your insurance canceling coverage for Joe. I am so sorry to hear that! Frank's sister and brother-in-law have been through a lot with insurance. So I sent her a quick email and asked if she had any advice for you to help you know where to go from here. She said the biggest thing is to not let the insurance company walk all over you. Sometimes they just need to know you are willing to fight back. The other thing she suggested was to talk to an attorney. She didn't give a lot of details but I think she was thinking it was good to have someone review what you have told the insurance company about Joe's condition and make sure their decision is legal, based on what you had disclosed.