Monday, August 08, 2011

date night!

Last weekend my DH and I were blessed to get away for a night alone together. It was the first time since before Christine was born 15mos ago!

Thanks to a certificate that I got ages ago on we had a lovely dinner at Chatham Tap in downtown Indy. We had never been there so we tried a few yummies off the menu: Thai Lettuce Wraps with a peanut sauce (messy but good), wings with their signature sauce (I'm not usually a wing girl... but I had a few of these for sure! I could have taken home a whole bottle of that wing sauce!), and The Robert Browning Pizza loaded with meat and fresh greens (yum!).Before we left downtown I ran into this adorable bakery next to the restaurant called The Flying Cupcake and picked up a chocolate-peanut butter and a s'mores cupcake for dessert. We had them later that night and they were melt in your mouth delicious!

Then we headed over to the Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park Inn on the eastside of Indy. Last Christmas we had bought a "family gift" which was a DNR package which included a pass to all the state parks in Indiana and a certificate to use at any state park inn. Almost 9months later we're finally using that certificate! We've stayed at a few state park inns before but this was definitely the nicest so far. The room had a sitting area with windows all around and the bathroom was definitely a few stars above the ones we've had at other state park inns (and other hotels for that matter). But we both agreed that some of the hallways reminded us of The Shining. Every time we'd walk down the hall one of us would say "red rum... red rum"... creepy! Here is a pic of the hallway:And this is obviously the real hallway from the movie:
So maybe its not exactly like it... but you'd have to be there. ;-)

The next morning we took in a little bit of the state park before heading home. There are so many cute nooks and crannies in the park. We are planning on returning with the kids sometime soon!

Anyway, it was a wonderful time to just relax and be together as a couple without having to worry about diapers and tantrums, etc.
Thanks to my awesome friend Jess for staying with my three crazy kids so we could have this time to reconnect!

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