Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy Week

Joe had alot going on last week. Tuesday he worked really hard during Occupational Therapy. He sat for 5min on his own and again for 8min. Then later that night he sat unassisted for sixteen minutes. That was really exciting. Not alot of people understand how big a deal that is for him and for us. His progress seems so slow to me sometimes. It does my heart good to see a milestone like this come along. He's been working really hard in therapy.
Wednesday we went downtown and he got fitted for his orthotics. They took a mold of both his feet and they will make the inserts from those. We'll get them back next week. They are plastic inserts that will help keep his ankles from turning in when he stands. We went as a family to this appointment. Nate helped pick out the design. It was fun to have him be involved in the process.
Thursday we spent a few hours at Riley while Joe got an MRI of his head and spine. Children his age have to be sedated for them to lie still enough for the doctors to get a good picture. It was so sad to see him hooked up to oxygen and being put into that huge machine. But he was a trooper and did really well with the whole thing. I was really glad when it was finally over and I could hold my little guy close again.
Friday I took Joe to IU Hospital for an EMG. They tested both his nerves and his muscles. It is kind of complicated and I'm not sure I really understand it well. The first part wasn't so bad, they used a couple of sensors to test how well his nerves send messages. Then the second part he was stuck with a very small needle and then probed around listening to his muscle movement. He was not a big fan of that part, but did really well despite his discomfort. This did not take nearly as long as the MRI - thank goodness.
Well... it was a long, draining week. We will not really know what the results of the tests mean until we see the next doctor (a genetic neurologist) in November. I have stressed alot over these procedures. I am tired from worrying and tired from running back and forth to doctors' appointments. I'm glad that we won't have anything big coming up for awhile. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Anna-Marie said...

my son has orthotics.. he had an MRI, surgery for two undescended testicles and a meeting with the geneticist which resulted in more bloodwork in the span of three weeks and we have to drive an hour to each of these appts.. this on top of OT, PT and Speech therapy ... I know how you feel about all the running around.. but it's all worth it in the end when your child has a breakthrough.. my son walked about 20 steps on his own the other day and I laughed out loud from the sheer joy of it!! He turned 2 at the end of July and is not walking on his own yet.. so I was delighted!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Annie said...

thanks for visiting my blog! :) You sure have a lot going on over here... I'll be stopping by!

Toni said...

Praying, Wani. I do understand your rejoicing in Joe's victories. My kids' milestones are also measured in a time frame and manner that is different from some. Reece, with CP, sensory integration issues and some autistic behaviors, meets milestones according to no one's agenda but his own. I've learned to recognize that and to celebrate his accomplishments as they emerge in his unique timing. So high fives to Joe and his parents for doing the same. His accomplishments most surely ARE a big deal! Yay, Joe!!!
p.s. I remember when Reece had to have an EEG during diagnostics for his CP. Oh my! NOT a pretty moment.

Sniz said...

I took your advice and put a reindeer/frog explanation on my blog. I also put a link to your blog on there! :-)

Hey, this post reminds me...would you be interested in going with me to the Brownsburg library tomorrow evening at 7:30 to hear a lady speak about her walk with her handicapped son? Her daughter was my best friend in high school and I used to volunteer to help with her brother Ben. I didn't know it, but later her mom wrote a book about her experiences (she's a Christian) and she sent me a copy signed with a short thank you note and an invite to her visit to the library. I'm going and I thought you might be interested in going too. Let me know!

jan said...

Oh Lawana-I'll keep you in my prayers.
No wonder you're weary.
Jesus bless you guys!