Monday, October 20, 2008

Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere. - Forrest Gump

This week we got to pick up Joe's orthotics. The first day he only wore them for a couple of hours. Then every day we increase the ammount of time that he wears them until he ends up wearing them every waking hour. Thank goodness he is so good natured, he doesn't seem to mind being strapped into them. I think I'd be irritated like crazy to have to wear those things all the time. I imagine it feels kind of like wearing ski boots - I hated ski boots. So far they are bulky and cumbersome and I'm trying to remind myself that they will help him and it'll be worth all the hassle in the long run. Right?


Emily said...

I had to wear this same brace for a while, but I just couldn't stand it.[I think I had the same doctor too.] :)
He looks so good-- I can't believe he can sit up so well!

Kevin said...

I remember growing up having to wear something like orthodics. Except back in the day theyw ere this nasty brown shoe I think.

Also when going to sleep i head to wear these shoes that where attached to a bar. This was supposed to cure a hip problem i was having apparently.

So looks like Joe and I growing up where so different. I'll have to ask my mom sometime about my growing up. Because i remember having to go to some sort of physical therapy gymnastic thing.

Toni said...

What a good sport he is. Praying for good progress.

Katie said...

I remember when my now 8 year old got his first pair. Luckily, he was so easy going about the whole thing and they really did help him. He's now on his 4th pair and not always as easy going about having to have them on. It's always exciting to see the new "upgrades" he gets as he gets a new pair and they let him do a bit more on his own. Congrats to your little guy on his first pair! Just wait til he can choose the design!