Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally.... Girls Weekend!!

Its been a busy weekend/week around here! First - Thursday evening a few of us went to the airport to welcome back my friend, Jess. She has been a nanny to a military family in Germany since the beginning of the year. We have missed her terribly and are very thankful for a visit, albeit a short one. Nate has been anxiously awaiting her arrival and helped make a "welcome home Jess" sign to mark her return. She has been suffering from a cold and serious jet-lag but will probably have adjusted to the time difference around the time she will be returning to Germany for another two months.

Friday and Saturday was our church ladies retreat in Brown County. Even though I was a little under the weather I was still able to enjoy a great time of fellowship and teaching and sharing. It is always good to get together with other women and be reminded that the struggles that we are going through are not necessarily unique. We all share similar trials and God wants us to learn from one another and lean on one another. We heard some great messages on contentment. Something that we all struggle with at times (or all the time!).

And of course there was also our annual girls weekend (but its kind of during the week this time but that's ok! ;-) "My girls" from college and I get together around New Year's usually but Jess was out of the country so we moved our get together until this week. They all crashed on our couches Sat-Wed. We got in some good visiting, got to go out to my parents' farm and try out some new toys, went to the Children's Museum, out to dinner at The Claddaugh (before the St. Patty's Day rush), did alot of cooking, eating and watching chick flicks... you know, the usual. ;-)

As crazy as the last week has been, I'm very thankful for the blessing of girl-time! I love the women that God has placed in my life and don't know what I would do without them!!

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