Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joe's 3rd Birthday!

Last week we had Joe's birthday party with our families. It is such a blessing to get everyone together and celebrate. It was a Disney's Cars themed party and I was pretty proud of the cake that I made. I was inspired by some cakes that I saw on Coolest Homemade Cakes. I modified it a bit but thought it turned out pretty good. I added Oreo cookie pieces and a cup of vanilla pudding to the cake batter and in the middle layer so it was a yummy cookies and cream cake. Not too shabby. ;-) Joe seemed to like it. He devoured the cake!
He must not have gotten his fill from the pizza and cake because he tried to eat the tissue paper and gifts too. :-)
Isaac took Joe's actual birthday off so we could spend the day together as a family. I really wanted to get out and do something fun together with the boys since it won't be long now until the baby comes and I'm sure we'll slow down a bit while we adjust to having three kids! ;-) We ended up deciding to spend the afternoon at the zoo, seeing the dolphin show and even splurging to ride the train. It was such a nice day together.


Sniz said...

That cake is so cute! I'm glad you all had a fun day. Great header, BTW!

Forgetfulone said...

Looks like so much fun, and that cake turned out great! I'm really impressed.