Friday, March 19, 2010

Out with the old...

At the beginning of February Joe was seen by an orthotist and measured and cast for new orthotics. It took a couple of weeks but we finally were able to pick up his new "special shoes". Nate was again allowed to choose the pattern - I like being able to include him as much as possible, and since Joe doesn't really care about that its a good way to let Nate feel like he is a part of the process. Joe's old orthotics are the blue ones on the left. The new ones are actually quite different. We now have two sets that work together - the short set is for him to wear all the time and helps with his feet turning in (pronating) and when he is working on walking the little ones snap into the tall ones which help keep him from "back kneeing". So far so good. It was easier transitioning to a new pair than it was when he got the first ones. He wasn't a big fan of the orthotics in the beginning.

Today we had Joe's case conference with his "new" therapy team at the school. Our First Steps physical therapist and developmental therapist (who will be Joe's speech therapist in school) were both there. We got some questions answered and Isaac and I are both pretty happy with the amount of therapy Joe will be getting once he starts developmental preschool. We are a little hesitant to have him take the bus right away so we are planning on driving him for awhile until we are more comfortable with the idea of the school bus ride. It sounds like they take great care of the little guys on the special needs preschool bus but its still hard for me to want to put my little guy (barely three years old) onto a "big" bus. Though I imagine once the baby comes I will be a little more eager to let the bus pick up and drop Joe off than I will be to pack up three kids to take him to and from developmental preschool.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wani. I happened upon your blog by accident and your life caught my eye right away. I also and a born-again Christ follower. And I also have two children (my only children, ages 5 and 6) are globally developmentally delayed. Same as your little guy, they were both 'healthy' when they were born, but things just didn't progress. I am glad to see you are expecting again. Though gentic testing reveiled nothing either way, we felt we should have more children but continued to pray about it. Last Spring when my daughter was four, after four years of prayer, we felt the Lord give us the green light to try again. So obviously we were very confused and heart broken when He saw fit to take that little one home at 16 weeks. We lost our nerve and haven't tried again. Sorry for this long story, but I just wanted to say that I know EXACTLY what you are going through with transitioning from EI to the Intermediate Unit preschool programs. I also drove him to and from school the first year and then progressed to have him come HOME on a bus. I was a good balence for us. My son also wears 'special shoes'. =) I look forward to hearing about your coming babe. Blessings to you, momma.