Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Bedroom DIY Re-Do: BEFORE

Our master bedroom has never been anything fancy. In fact it has the same white walls that we moved into over six years ago, hand-me down furniture and barely there decorations. This project has been on my dream to-do-list for awhile now and we just have not gotten around to it til now. I thought this would be the perfect time since we are planning a homebirth and it would be beneficial to have a calming oasis of a bedroom to help me to relax during the labor.

I am a dork and watch decorating shows sometimes and they get my creative juices flowing. Using this piece of artwork (pictured below) as inspiration, my mom and I worked together to pick colors and get ideas for what I wanted to transform this room into. I tried to include Isaac in the planning process but like a typical guy he did not have a tremendous amount of preferences concerning decorating. I would like to think that I did a pretty good job of keeping his taste in mind, I tried to stay away from anything too froo-froo, kept it pretty low cost, I did not buy the wicker chairs that I liked and he did not... That is pretty good, right? ;-)
I have been able to find a few good buys while shopping for things for this room re-do. I knew I wanted a chair or pair of chairs and had been checking craigslist faithfully for weeks with no luck. In the end I ended up finding a great cream wingback chair and ottoman at GoodWill for $35!!
When shopping for accessories I found a few things at Hobby Lobby at 50-80% off and I used a giftcard from Christmas! Have I mentioned how much I love finding good deals? ;-)

Stay tuned - I will be posting "after" pix soon!

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