Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Yesterday we went to Joe's evaluation through the school system to get him set up for developmental preschool. Isaac and I got to see his classroom and meet his new teacher, occupational therapist and physical therapist. Joe seemed to be pretty comfortable with his new therapy "team", and actually his current DT through First Steps will be his Speech Therapist at the school so there was at least one familiar face. We were able to learn about what a typical day in the classroom will look like, how the bus situation will work (I was not so sure about the bus thing in the beginning but after hearing first hand from my mom how well the kids are taken care of on the "short bus" and thinking of the work of dragging three kids out to drop off and pick up I'm warming up to the idea! ) Being able to ask some questions and to see the place and how Joe interacted with the therapy team helped ease some of my fears of the unknown. I think he will like it and it will be good for him to be a part of a classroom setting, being challenged a bit more than he would be at home. We're hoping to get Nate signed up to be a peer model in Joe's class too. Nate is so used to being involved with Joe's therapy thus far and I think he would enjoy being able to continue to be a part of it in this next phase.
I am feeling a little sad as we are entering our last month of therapy with First Steps. We have welcomed these women into our home every week for one and a half to two years now. They have worked hard with us to help Joe progress as much as he has and I am so thankful for them. We were blessed with four really special therapists. I guess it might not be as big a deal to some people but since I was home-educated I did not get used to having a teacher for a year and then moving on to another. Even in college I had most of my professors for multiple classes which extended our student-teacher relationship. When we started First Steps I do not think I had expected to grow so attached to our therapists. But I have. I am going to miss them.

this transition from home therapy to school therapy and the baby coming soon we've got some big changes ahead!

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