Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Spring Break

I had to add this last tidbit from our spring break. These pix are from my hubby's phone. While we were at the lakehouse for a couple of days Nate and Isaac went fishing and Nate caught his first fish. What a proud fisherman he was!

And then, we went to the local bowling alley as a family for the first time. The kids did great! I was a little worried that Nate would get hung up on the score and be upset that he wasn't winning but he had a good attitude and had a great time.

Isaac and I took turns helping Joe bowl. He got so excited every time he got up there, he could barely stand because he was practically jumping up and down from the excitement! Joe even got a strike!
Christine was a good sport and while we didn't have her take any turns she watched everyone and had a great time. What a fun evening together as a family! We'll definitely have to do that again sometime!

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Julie R said...

Glad you all had a great time. Did you see you could sign the kids up for free bowling this summer?