Monday, April 30, 2012

11 Questions

I got this from Maybe Matilda - she didn't tag me (or anyone) but I thought it'd be fun!

1. Name some of your celebrity crushes, past and present . . . go ahead and name one (or two, or three). Male or female.
 Well...  I had my fair share of celebrity crushes while growing up.  I specifically remember Benny from The Sandlot (photo source) being one of my first crushes.  He was so darn cute!  ;-)  Wonder what he looks like now... also remember liking Jerry O'Connell (anyone else remember My Secret Identity?), Kirk Cameron (I mean, who didn't have a crush on Mike Sever?)

2. What’s your favorite book?
 Most recently I fell in love with the Hunger Games trilogy (before the movie).  Its so good!

3. What are your 5 favorite TV shows?
the recently ended Chuck ;-(
Once Upon a Time
The Office
Drop Dead Diva

4. Guilty pleasure?
I still like watching Disney princess movies.  Sometimes even without my kids.

5. Any goals you’re currently working on?
I have my weightloss goal, but more importantly than that, I have been trying to be more deliberate in a lot of areas of my life this year.  I feel like I have very little control over certain things (my kids' developmental delays) and I let that feeling of inability to do anything overflow into areas of my life that I can actually do something about.  So, I have been working on carving time out for myself, sometimes its going to the gym, or having a girls night... others its making sure I go to bed early enough that I can do my devotional and write in my journal. I can make those things happen, but I have to be intentional instead of forgetting and then complaining that they aren't happening.  (photo source)

6. A trend or style you’ve wanted to try, but been scared to?
So many... I am a curvy girl, so a lot of style trends scare me. There are items that I love on the hanger but make me look pregnant or worse once I put them on.  But thanks to the fabulous ideas I have on my Pinterest style board I have been getting brave and trying new things lately.

7. A skill you’d love to learn?
 Serious couponing.  I am a casual couponer.  I would love to be like the women I see on tv and blogs who only spend $50 a month and feed their family of eight gourmet, organic meals (slight exaggeration).  But it seems that I am too lazy/busy/impatient/etc.

8. If you had a day to yourself with unlimited money to spend and no obligations, what would you do?
I would travel as much as I could, but one day isn't much to travel.  Maybe I would go to one of those ridiculously expensive spas and get pampered all day.  aaahhh.... that sounds nice!

9. A person (living or dead) you’d love to meet?
I don't want to be cliche and say "Jesus" - besides, I know I will meet Him someday.  So, I would pick Mother Theresa.  I think she could help me get a little perspective for those days when I feel like having a pity party for myself.

10. If you weren’t doing the career you’re doing now (being a stay-at-home mom counts as a career), what would you want to be doing instead?
Well... I guess I would probably be doing something in marketing or a writer.  My English teacher in college tried to coax me into changing my major.

11. What are the names you want/wanted to give your kids until your meanie-pants spouse vetoed them?
Well, I wrote short stories in middle and high school so I would scour my mom's baby name books to find names for my characters.  I had a nice little list going of names for my kids long before I met my husband.  We didn't use a single one of them.  :-(  Here are a few of my favorites: Girls: Ainsley, Sierra, Dakota, Madison, Brooklyn, MacKinley... Boys: Cole, Caeden, Andrew, Jacob.

There you go... a few things maybe you didn't know about me.  Feel free to spread the blog love and do your own get to know you questions.  Please leave me a link to your post if you do! 

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