Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WLW - Eating Healthy on the Go


We all have days when we feel like we are moving non-stop. Tuesdays are usually like that for us.  We have to get up and get Joe on the bus by 8:20am (that is early for us), then Christine has therapy at 9am and 10:45am, then Joe gets off the bus at noon and we hurry to have lunch and leave to get him to his therapy at 1pm, then home for quick naps before we have to leave for Nate's karate at 6pm, then home for bedtime!
Whew... Tuesdays wear me out!  Sometimes I forget to eat altogether until halfway through the day when my body and stomach remind me.  Other than the obvious stomach rumbles telling me I'm hungry, I get headaches if I don't stay hydrated.

I think one of the key things to eating healthy on the go is planning ahead. No matter what diet or eating habits you are using planning is so important.

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Here are a few things that I often do to help the kids and I to keep up our healthy eating when we're on the go:

- bring supplemental food with you - sometimes I don't have time or ingredients to pack a whole lunch but I'll bring some fruit, cheese sticks or 100% juice boxes with us so I can order less fast food while we are out

- take water with you, or order ice water instead of soda - sodas are filled with empty calories and tons of sugar

- keep healthy snacks in the car on a regular basis - I still have kids in diapers so I've always got granola bars or baggies of cheerios in my diaper bag when we're out and about

- when getting fast food I opt for grilled options instead of fried (most of the time) and look for alternatives for french fries... or if I can't bring myself to do without the fries, we'll get one big one for the whole family to share so we just a few fries each instead of getting a whole order each

We had a super busy weekend, with a few meals that I honestly felt "full".  Not the healthy satisfied full, but the "I over-ate" full... by the end of the weekend I had realized what I was doing and took measures to avoid it (boxing up half my meal at The Cheesecake Factory - that is a big deal people! ;-).  Then I was sick Monday and Tuesday and am still recovering from that now.  I have been drinking water life crazy trying to fight off this illness.  I weighed in at the same weight as last week.

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Alicia The Snowflake said...

I try to take snacks with me too. I constantly have a bag of grapes in my purse or a bag of 100 calorie almonds. Both help me stay away from doing fast food for a snack...which is a definite change from before.

Hope you feel better soon! So glad to have you join me for WLWed!

Kerri S said...

great tips!! thanks for sharing!!
hey...did you change the background on your blog...I don't remember the bright it, so cheery!