Monday, February 18, 2008


Yesterday our church reserved a local roller skating rink and invited the whole church body to bring their families for a time of family fun. Now I haven't been skating in probably 10 years.... but Nate has never been at all. I think his little two year old body adapted to skating better than my almost twenty-eight year old body did! He didn't even hesitate. He was clambering to get his skates on and would have cruised our onto the skating flour by himself if we hadn't insisted he practice on the carpet for awhile and then have assistance when he did get out on the floor. What an amazing reminder of how much my boy is growing up! Even now as he is trying to do so much on his own I am picturing the day when he won't need me anymore. Sigh.... I know, I know, they'll always need me even when they're grown up. I mean, I still need my mom - probably more now that I am a mom. But its so amazing and difficult to stop and think about what they'll be like when they're grown up. Will he be a man strong in body and faith? Will he be artistic or business minded? Will he live close or will he move away? * Like I don't have enough going on that I need to let myself wonder and worry about things that won't happen for years to come.

Oh yeah.... back to the roller rink.

There was a game area with video games, ski ball (my favorite!) and other stuff. Of course Nate wandered around "playing" the games. I love that he doesn't yet know the difference between just sitting and watching the game preview and actually playing it. Grandpa Dane took Joe over and he loved all the flashing/moving lights and everything that was going on around him. Since he usually only has minimal interest in toys and such it was neat to see him so engrossed in something.
After the roller rink we went to dinner at Red Robin with Doofus & Sniz's family and a few young singles. Most of us had not been to Red Robin before including myself. I was very pleased. I got the SantaFe Burger..... mmmmm.... it was so good! It had guacamole, caramelized onions, special sauce.... all stuff my husband hates and I love! he he! We got a tower of onion rings that kicked butt. They're dipping sauces were really good too.
What a fun evening it was. We are really blessed to have a great church family and it was a blessing to be able to spend the evening fellowshipping together with the body of Christ.

** I've had a few people ask for updates on Joe.... there really isn't anything to update yet. First Steps comes out tomorrow to do the evaluation - I believe they mostly observe him in his natural setting and also challenge him to see what he can and cannot do physically, etc. It'll be another week or more before we find the results of the evaluation and meet with them about setting up a treatment plan for him. Thank you for your encouraging comments and prayers. I will post another update when we've gotten more information.


Big Doofus said...

We had a great time hanging out with you guys, too. I think the church should do the skating thing a few times throughout the year.

Oh, and in case you all didn't notice it, the third picture features my little "Snip" in the background.

Sniz said...

I'm glad you posted this. Your pictures are great. I was going to write about it too, but did something else. I still might! We had a great time too. You are such a sweetie!