Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As Long As I Live

Well.... if you read the previous post you got a glimpse of what my days have been like lately. They've been filled with "stop that", "I said not to touch that", "don't hit your brother", etc. Very challenging. I've been told its normal, all kids go through the twos and we all survive and eventually they outgrow it. But I'm in it up to my ears right now and its HARD! He is exactly the boy on the cover of the book. Even though I have wanted to just pick him up and shake him at times lately he will still surprise me with his love and cuteness sometimes and reminds me that he's more than what he does. He's my baby, my firstborn, my growing little boy.
Tonight when I tucked him into bed I read him the book "Love You Forever". Now I've read the book before, many times. I know how it goes, and yet I still get emotional when I read it. I'm just one of those girls. I do ok during the first part of the book, but as it nears the end I get choked up. And I have more than a few tears in my eyes as I stumble over my words to finish the story. I think Nate was confused. Even though he's a challenge and frustrates the heck out of me alot lately - I'll love him forever, I'll like him for always, as long as I'm living my baby he'll be.


JAN said...

That is the one book I hate to love. I cry every single time I read it. And, there are times when I just cannot read it because I'd be a blubbering puddle on the floor if I tried.

Big Doofus said...

I've read that book so many times to my kids. I also HATE the fact that I get choked up when I read it. There's a cheesiness factor to it, and yet it's completely true and tugs at your heart strings. It reminds me of that song "Walking Her Home" by Mark Schultz and that "Cinderella" song I blogged about recently.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I just read this post and I am sitting at the computer at school with tears in my eyes. You are an awesome friend and mother. You are great with your boys even if they frustrate you. You will get through it. I miss you always and will see you soon.
Love ya,