Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Vision in Plaid!

When we were pregnant with Nate we didn't find out the sex so we bought alot of neutral stuff including the nursery bedding. I found a cool plaid patchwork set with stars on it that was not girly - not too boyish. It has sage, yellow and red (similar to the colors I have going on in decorating elsewhere in the house) which I love. I've had ideas come and go on what else to use with the bed set to decorate the boys' room and nothing has really stuck. Everything I tried was just ok, nothing special. But then I saw these custom name canvases on ebay awhile back that I just fell in love with. Now I'm pretty cheap and somewhat crafty so I didn't want to spend alot of money on something that I thought that between my mom and I (she's artistic, I'm just crafty) we could do it ourselves.
So I got some canvas and paint at JoAnn's and was pumped about getting these things done. Well, that was months ago and we were just not getting anywhere. So finally mom broke down and came over one night and we got started. As we started to pin down exactly how we wanted them to look we realized that this wasn't going to be the quick and easy project that I originally thought when I saw them on ebay - there was alot of details to consider. We are both perfectionists and at times had conflicting ideas of how it should look. But we finally chose the plaids we wanted to match , the font to use, the size of the plaid and the color scheme, etc. We worked on them awhile that night but mom ended up taking them home with her to finish them. A week or two later she says my dad is bringing one completed canvas. But when he got here he had both! I was soooo excited! They turned out even better than I had imagined! My boys' room finally looks complete! THANKS MOM!


JAN said...

I love those colors, the quilts and the canvas names! You and your mom did a great job!
I also wanted to let you know I left a comment for you in the comment section of my last post.
When is your birthday? (I'm thinking about the evaluation for Joe) You will let us know what you find out, won't you?

Sniz said...

I love these! You ARE artistic, Wani! Hey I never got back to you about Applebees. Let's plan for a Tuesday night, maybe in a week. Does that work for you? Hope to see you tonight at Leah's!

Toni said...

Man-o-day, those are gorgeous. Love the stars too. I saw a really crafty star/photo idea. Lemee see if I can find the link.


Annie said...

I love that...very very crafty!!

Rachel Anne said...

Awesome job! Those look great! thanks for sharing.