Monday, January 09, 2012


Right this minute I am:

1. Listening: to two of my kiddos fighting naptime. Not in a bad way, just jabbering away to themselves. Cute!

2. Eating: the last bit of popcorn from my lunch. Have I mentioned lately how much I love popcorn? A lot!

3. Drinking: well... actually nothing. I know, I'm terrible. I've been failing miserably at drinking my 8 glasses of water a day... gonna go get one now!

4. Wearing: One of my favorite sweaters (blue v-neck from Old Navy), jeans... ponytail... its mommy-chic. ;-)

5. Feeling: teetering toward depressed. Christine had a First Steps evaluation this morning. And while the therapists were nice as can be, these things always remind me of all the things that my kid cannot do and it puts me in a funk. :-P

6. Weather: its sunny and chilly, but still somewhat unseasonably warm for January in the midwest.

7. Wanting: a break from reality.

8. Needing: a break from reality. ;-) but seriously.

9. Thinking: about my chipped fingernails.

10. Enjoying: the three scrapbook pages I completed yesterday. Haven't scrapped in awhile and forgot how much I love it. And totally need to catch up! I got pix piling up!

**got this idea from a Pinterest Pin. Love it!

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