Monday, March 03, 2008

My First Monday FunDay

So, this morning I had to check Home to see who the winners for last month's small things contest were. Of course it wasn't me, but thats ok, maybe next time. But while I was there I found a link to Monday FunDay @ Ann Kroeker's blog. She says:

Monday FunDay is a carnival dedicated to swapping simple, amusing–maybe even silly–everyday ways you enjoy good, clean fun. All we do is post a story, idea, or explanation at your blog of how you and/or your family has livened up Mondays (or any day).

And I thought: What a fun thing to blog about! Soooooo..... my Monday FunDay post is on..... drum roll please....... da da da..... S'MORES!

Who doesn't like s'mores, right?!? Anyway, s'mores used to be a summer campfire thing, but times are a'changin' people! Who needs a campfire (though that is my preference but alas they are hard to find this time of year) when you can have a handy dandy s'more making kit in your very own kitchen (this was a Christmas gift a year or two ago - I probably wouldn't have bought it for myself, but we have enjoyed using it a few times).

Over the course of using our little s'mores kit I have found my perfect ratio of cracker-to-chocolate-to-marshmallow. It is as follows: one graham cracker square, one chocolate square and two marshmallows. Now, I know what you might be thinking: "That is not the perfect s'more." I think, as we all do, that s'mores are a very personal thing. I would not try to say that this was everyone's favorite/ideal combination. My husband is very particular about his s'mores and eats his very differently. But, for me, this is by far, my favorite taste for this oh so fun and messy to enjoy treat!

Part of the reason that I explained my perfect ratio was to lead into this cute story about my husband. He is a wonderful man who tries so hard to buy special gifts for me from time to time. Sometimes he succeeds and sometimes.... well, lets just say that its the thought that counts (he believes this more than I do). Anyway, at Christmas time he and I exchange ornaments. This past year he was at the mall searching (for quite some time) for the "perfect" ornament. He didn't want to just get some cheesy, cute but meaningless ornament. He wanted an ornament that said something about us. At last, after much wandering about the mall with no success, he came across this S'more Snowman ornament that had one graham cracker square, one chocolate square and two marshmallows. He was so excited and proud of himself that he found an ornament that so perfectly fit my s'more tastes. How cute is that?!? I love it! Thank you, honey!


Ann Kroeker said...

I love that you included that video clip to set the stage for your S'mores! And let me just say that your post has set me to salivating. I'm ready to go dig around for graham crackers and marshmallows. I'm pretty sure we've got some chocolate bars from Valentine's Day. Love it--totally fun! Excuse me...I need some...more...

(p.s. It's great to meet you via Monday FunDay! Thanks for participating)

Julie in Texas said...

I enjoyed your Monday Funday. S'mores, yummmm. The clip from The Sandlot has always been one of my favorites.

Sniz said...

I love it, Wani. Such a cool story...I can't believe he found that...I know you'll always treasure it. You should scrap a page with a picture of the ornament and a copy of this blog entry.

Anonymous said...

Sniz is going scrap crazy. take a pic of something and she'll scrap it for ya...LOL!

This is a great story. I LOVE SMORES. I am betting your ratio of graham/choco/marsh is pretty darn good, I'll give it a whirl, even though it's probably REAL messy :o)


JAN said...

What a sweet story, figuratively, and literally! :-)
I love the idea of exchanging ornaments with your husband each year. I'm always on the lookout for new traditions!