Monday, March 24, 2008

Shining Moments

So, I've kind of felt like my posts have been a little somber lately, talking about things going on with Joe, etc. I wanted to make this Monday Fun-Day post about some of the special moments that have come along to brighten my days lately. Because I think its always good for us to remind ourselves of the good/fun things in our life. Its so easy to get bogged down with everyday life and take for granted the little things that make all the hard stuff worth it. Today, sit down and think about, write down, blog about, scrapbook about (you get the idea) all the good things in your life: all the people that matter the most to you, the cute/funny things that your kid does, the silly things your husband does to show you that he loves you, the dorky things that you do that bring a smile to your kids' faces.... those are the important things in life (not the dirty diapers, dishes piled up in the sink or whatever).
We went up to Isaac's parents' lake house this weekend. Its a three hour car ride up there (if you don't stop) and with two little guys it can be a long three hours sometimes... but surprisingly it was a really pleasant drive (I think God was giving us a calm before the storm since later that night Nate vomited in his sleep and Joe kept me up literally all night teething). Anyway, on the drive up Nate was playing with his toy camera (you the kind, its an old one that doesn't work anymore that you got a garage sale for $0.25). So he says to me: "Give me cheese, mommy". So I turn around and give him a big cheesy smile. But the smile wasn't good enough, he asked for cheese over and over until I actually said CHEESE! He holds the camera up, "snaps" the picture, then looks at the camera (where our digital would have displayed the image and he says to me: "AW, dats cute!". HA! Can you tell he's the son of a photographer!?!
Grandma and Grandpa had bought Nate his first baseball mitt and he was pretty stoked. Saturday morning they watched Sandlot with him. Boy did he like that! The whole rest of the weekend he wanted to wear a ball cap and his mitt. He didn't understand that when they were talking about P. F. Flyers in the movie they were talking about the shoes, so he kept saying that he wanted to "Be a Flyer".
Nate has become very interested in singing over the last few months. Before he would sing if we prodded him to. But now he sings all the time, to himself, to Joe, to anyone who will listen. His favorites right now are Baa Baa Black sheep and Jesus loves Me - and sometimes he combines the two! * Speaking of sheep.... There is a scene in Evan Almighty where Evan is in his car and looks in the review and screams "Sheeeeeep!". Well Nate thought it was hilarious and started repeating it over and over to Joe one night. It was just kind of funny until Joe goes "ssshhhhhh!". It was sooo neat to hear Joe respond to Nate like that!
We just watched A Bee Movie last week. Nate really liked it. He now loves to walk around with my boots on his hands saying "'D'eez are winter boots!". Click here for the clip from the movie.
One day last week I had had a miserable day (temper tantrums - Nate's, not mine - lack of sleep, I don't know what else) and Isaac let me go out for awhile when he got home from work. While I was gone I was so thankful for him and his willingness to give me break. Because I was given that brief respite I was able to come back home refreshed and anxious to be with my husband instead of just crashing on the couch together watching another show that we don't care about (since we're still waiting for our regular stuff to come back from the writers' strike) and then stumbling up to bed exhausted. We had fun talking, teasing, playing together, making out, etc. I really savored our time together that evening.
A few days ago we had left the boys with my mom for awhile so Isaac and I could go out to dinner and when we came back it was time to nurse Joe. I walked right in front of him and sat down next to him and he grinned and giggled at me! I know that may not be a big deal to alot of people who have one year olds... but thats one of just a few times that I've even felt like he's really seemed to recognize me. I basked in the glow of that moment the rest of the evening! Joe had sessions with the DT and PT last week. While he isn't "better" it was encouraging to see him respond to being challenged by the therapists. I was playing pat-a-cake with him the other night and he tried to clap! And then at dinner the other day he held and ate a cracker by himself for the first time!
Even with all of the challenges that God sets before us at times... He always give us blessings to brighten our days and give us the motivation to keep on going. Remind yourself of those God-given blessings in your own life today.


Ann Kroeker said...

What a lovely journey through the sweet, fun, interesting, light moments of your life (acknowledging the vomiting/teething frustrations, as well). This is lite and fun, and I'm so glad you participated. It's a great call to encourage readers to journal or scrapbook their brighter moments! I hope that they do, as it clearly was a pleasant read when you did.

Hope your Monday is great today!

Sniz said...

I love your new look!!! It's beautiful! I'd buy paper and do a scrapbooking page with that paper and those colors and I bet it'd be gorgeous! This was a fun, encouraging post, Wani!

Hey, are you going to Leah's Friday night? I just found out I can't go and I'm bummed. I bet Leah's bummed too. If you go, I hope you have fun and get a lot done.