Monday, March 17, 2008

Scrapbooks Etc!

Using some of my birthday money I bought a subscription to a paper crafts magazine: Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks Etc. Well, my first one came in the mail today! I was soooo psyched! I love getting new ideas for future projects.
Something I came across was information on scrapbooking retreats. Now, I've seen the stuff advertised before but had kind of forgotten about it. Well it got my attention this time maybe because I'm still thinking about "far far away". There wasn't alot of info for this area of the country in the magazine so I got to "Google-ing"! I found two places that sound really cool! One is The Gathering: a retreat with purpose. The prices were better than some and I liked that they donated a percentage of their profits to a local women's shelter. I also found Crop-a-doodle-do: the ultimate scrapbook and spa get-away. Whats not to like about getting manis and pedis while scrapping?!? Both places are Bed and Breakfast style retreats with home cooked meals and cozy atmosphere with special crop rooms for us to use their tools and release our creative juices. Love it! So... to my local scrappin' girls.... let me know if you're interested because I sure am!


JAN said...

They both look like fun and I'd love to go sometime. Unfortunately, that is waaaayyyy down on our financial priority list. Plus, I don't think I'd get ANY scrapbooking done-I'd be too busy soaking up girl-talk!
Do you think you'd ever really go?

Sniz said...

This is so weird! I've been reading all your recent posts, catching up, and I got to this one. Yesterday, I spent a few hours websurfing, looking up scrapping retreats. I REALLY want to go on one, and I checked out that crop-a-doodle-do one too! I've been praying about it, who to go with, money, etc, and I just can't believe this! I didn't find the Gathering one. I'm going right now to check it out. There's one in Richmond that looked really interesting too called the Scrapbook Cottage. I'm interested in the ones that are all-inclusive...I don't want to cook or have to go out and get my own food. It's a retreat, after all! So yes, Wani, let's really do this thing!