Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Weekend

I already told you all about my scrappin' fun on Friday night. But I thought that today I'd go ahead and share about the rest of my weekend.
The meeting with First Steps on Friday morning was hard. Things are pretty uncertain with Josiah right now. They recommended physical and developmental therapy, vision and hearing screenings and seeking out a neurologist. We should be in touch with the therapists that we chose (from a list w/ their names and credentials - kind of hard to know what we're getting from the little info given) and begin therapy within a few weeks. It could just be a simple delay and he'll catch up..... or it could be something serious that he'll live with for the rest of his life. We're not sure what to expect and that's wearing me out more than anything right now. I have all these "what ifs", "worst case scenarios" and "woulda/coulda/shoulda"s going through my head all the time. I can hardly talk about it without getting emotional - which is why alot of people (even close family and friends) may not have heard anything about our concerns until recently. Its been really hard to talk about all of our concerns and everything thats been happening. We will attempt to keep everybody informed as things progress. Anyway, your prayers are cherished and I know I'll be needing them for awhile.

Nate spent the night at my in-laws' house Friday night so I got to sleep in a little on Saturday morning. Yeah! It was a relaxing morning laying in bed nursing Joe, Isaac actually waking up and talking together for awhile. Then we got up and made a late breakfast together - yummy Chili and Eggs (not Chilean Eggs like my husband always jokes) with fresh semi-homemade tortillas... mmmmm.... so good! Then my father-in-law calls and says he's on his way over with Nate - which was a surprise because they've never cut a visit short before. But apparently Nate didn't sleep well the night before and woke up several times during the night I'm sure their heavy snoring had nothing to do with it and was already acting tired. They wanted to make sure he got a good nap before the family pictures that we were scheduled to take that afternoon. Well Nate fell asleep in the truck on the way over and ended up in a terrible mood. His nap was not what we had hoped it would be. While both boys napped (though not long enough) Isaac and I showered and dressed in our cute coordinating outfits for the pictures. We "hurried" to make it to the studio for our appointment - only to have to wait 30min-1hour before actually being taken back for our pictures.

This event was actually my mother-in-laws gift from all of us - to get a huge family picture done together. So, we had six adults and four boys under 3yr. Nate kept getting distracted by the props that were lying around the studio(see photo above of him playing with the football helmets). The photographer was very nice and patient as we tried to coax smiles or even a glance in the direction of the camera for goodness sake from the boys. All in all it was as good as can be expected I guess but in the moment it seemed so long and tedious. Then of course once the pictures were taken then began the painful process of choosing and ordering said pictures. My sis-in-law and I stayed to do the ordering for the whole family. Of course at first its easy to dismiss the bad pictures where one boy is diving out of the shot, pulling another's hair and such. But then once the favorites have been chosen, do we want 8x10s, 5x7s, wallets.... or do we want packages? Then they entice you with the edited pictures that aren't a part of the coupon which for people like me, is the only reason we can afford to do this whole thing in the first place . Meanwhile our husbands have called a half a dozen times trying to figure out if they should wait for us at the restaurant, go home or what. The whole process ended up taking about three hours - which was alot longer than I had imagined. But I must say we did end up with some beautiful family pictures that I will be posting once they're available on the studio's website in a week or two.

My family was so great and came over to watched the boys so Isaac and I could go out (a huge thanks to them by the way!). After the pictures taking up half the day it was a relief to get away just the two of us. We went and saw the movie Vantage Point. It was intense! We really enjoyed the movie, but more than anything we enjoyed being together, alone. What a blessing to be reminded that I'm not just a mommy.... I'm still a woman and wife to a wonderful man who loves me and desires to be with me and take care of me and our boys. I love him so much.


Uncle Tom said...

Re: Joe's update

A Hollywood celebrity, Jenny McCarthy, just wrote a book about similar complications with her son. May be worth a read, because she initiated alternative therapies such as specific diet changes, etc. that she claims made a difference.
Our prayers are with you all.

Julie said...

My love and prayers to you:) I really understand what you are feeling about this (from your blog), but let me tell you that when one of my boys had learning problems, I never reached out for help or even diagnosis because I refused to believe that there was anything wrong with him, he was just lazy and needed to try harder. So, I have had guilt over making life harder for him because I was too scared or proud or whatever to seek out some answers. At least you are trying to be proactive now and acknowledging a problem. I am proud of you and I will pray for you.

C.Y. said...

um...yeah...i had NO idea what is/was going on. wani, i'm sorry you hafta go thru this. god's plan IS perfect, though (a lesson that's SUPER hard to learn, and which is JUST now sinking into my freakin' skull).

Grandma Esther said...

Thank you very much for the update on Josiah. I was so sad to find out that there are problems but don't lose faith. God is looking out for him - He won't forget about him. Please continue to send/post updates.

Aunt Jody said...

"Life" is a lifetime battle. He will be fine. You and your wonderful husband are the ones I worry about. Not knowing is the hardest part. God won't give us more then we can handle. That's what I was always told. Sometimes I wonder, then time passes and We survive. I love you with all my heart!
See you Sunday!

Big Doofus said...

Well, I'm just getting caught up on your blog. I've got a long way to go. Man, you've been busy.

Actually, even though I complained about being "overblogulated" (and I'm working on securing the trademark for that word) I really love writing and reading blogs. I've just found that I have to pick and choose more since I now have so many that I enjoy. You'd think I'd spend more time on blogs of people that I don't already know, but that's not the case. I like knowing MORE about the people that I share my life with--like you and Isaac. Thanks for being so diligent.