Friday, September 19, 2008

FFF - Fall Style

Almost every year my husband's family drives to Brown County in the fall. We pack up the food and the kids and go down to Brown County State Park. We usually stop a a flea market on the way. Then the guys grill out while the kids play and we all spend the day together. Sometimes us girls will slip away to downtown Nashville and do some arts and crafts shopping. Its such a great place to enjoy the changing fall weather.
What places do you and your family like to go together annually?


Big Doofus said...

We go to Brown County and dress up like locals...then we follow you around and throw stuff at you. It's a great tradition.

But seriously, we usually go somewhere on Lake Michigan every year--usually on the Indiana coast or Michigan coast. We didn't make it this year and it was a big bummer to all of us.

Mical said...

Awe, man! That sounds like fun!!! I wish my family and I did fun stuff like that. We don't do too much ... I guess we kind of "gave up" as my brother and I got older. We used to go to King's Island as a family once a year ... go to Florida for a week in the summer once a year ... fun stuff like that. But for some reason we don't anymore. And our big family gatherings are simple ... just a meal and some cornhole at a family member's house. When I have my own family, we are definitely going to plan something super fun to do every year! Lots of fun!

Hope you are doing well, Lawana. It has been good seeing you on the scrapbooking nights at Grace. I always enjoy talking to you! :)

ChrissyM said...

What a gorgeous picture. I love this time of year with all the pretty colors and aroma's. This time of year we usually take a day trip and drive around the mtn looking at the gorgeous foilage. Other then each summer we attend various fairs around the area. We do a lot of small day trips together.