Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Writing the Word on a Child's Heart

Over the last couple of months Nate and I have been working on memorizing a few bible verses together. We do them a couple words at a time. Like: When I am afraid... I will trust in you.... Psalm 56:3
Its been so neat to watch the Word being written on his heart. Sometimes he still needs to hear the first word of the verse as a prompt to get him started but he's really enjoying it and sometimes he'll even say them to himself. We have a couple of verses in mind to do soon that we'll probably use in correcting/disciplining him. I'm so glad that we're starting now, when he's got so much enthusiasm and energy (and he likes to mimic). Plus its a good chance for me to learn some bible verses too. Right now this definitely works for me!

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Toni said...

LOL! "Verses?" The close-up was precious. Great job, little man.

Anonymous said...

I showed Alathea this and she said "I very miss Nate"--exactly how she said it :)