Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Have Fun With Your Pix!

Check it out! My sis had a pix like this on her myspace and I asked her about it. Apparently she did a google search for Andy Warhol and found this website where you can upload your pix and have it "Warholized"!
I'm so easily amused! I did a few pix before getting bored. But I had to share it because I still think its really cool! Click here to "Warholize" for yourself!
Another fun photo website I've recently found is Its so cool! You paste your face on a retro "yearbook pix" from the 1950's-80's weird hair and all. Some friends' used it on their facebook profile pix. I did several of myself... I know, I'm a dork. But check it out, the first one, the 1950 one, I swear I look like my grandmothers' old pictures! Sometimes I think I should have been born in another era. Oh, well.
I also really like using for slideshows of trips or crafts I've done. They've got alot of style options, you can even add music to your slideshow and post it to your blog or myspace page. Its pretty cool and user friendly.
Hope you have fun with your pix!!


Hannah said...

You DO look like Grandma! That's so funny. The '68 do looks pretty good-- you should do that sometime!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

i had a lot of fun with this but im not posting mine. they are awful.