Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Shows I'm Looking Forward to Watching This Fall
(in no particular order.... well, ok. The first four are my faves.... the rest are in no particular order)

1. Heroes NBC - I've been an avid Heroes fan since the beginning. I was very disappointed in how short the season was due to the strike. I'm really looking forward to getting some of my questions answered this season!

2. Lost ABC - Speaking of having questions answered... Lost is very good about answering a question only to create a dozen more questions! But I'm hooked and will see it through the end just to see what happens!

3. The Office NBC - I've really missed watching Jim and Pam's relationship grow... I know, I'm one of those dorky people who talks about tv show characters like they are real people.

4. Grey's Anatomy ABC - Meredith and McDreamy need to be together! But I'm sure something will happen to keep them apart - again.

5. Criminal Minds CBS - Its not a cookie cutter of all the other crime drama shows. I like that it gets in the mind of the bad guys. And yet, its kind of creepy too.

6. Biggest Loser NBC - One of these days I'll stop sitting on my butt watching shows like this and actually be my own biggest loser. But until then I'll keep watching, waiting for it to motivate me!

7. Numb3rs CBS - This is one of the cleaner crime dramas. While I don't necessarily understand all the math stuff they use on the show I do find it interesting.

8. Pushing Daisies ABC - I have not watched this series as of yet. But I've heard a little about it and I think I'd really like it. I'd kind of been hoping that they'd release season one on DVD so I could catch up before the new season starts!

9. Private Practice ABC - I like Addison. I love that their practice offers some more alternative medicine options. I saw a few labors/births on an episode the other night that weren't "emergency" anything - one was even in a birthing tub. It was nice to see more than a traumatic "everything that can go wrong" scenario.

10. Extreme Makeover Home-edition ABC - Its not one my favorites but its still a good clean show I can watch with my kids. Except that almost every family says "Oh My God" over and over during the big reveal. Oh, well... it could be worse.

11. Flight of the Conchords HBO - I've watched some videos on youtube and they are hilarious! I can't wait to watch the show!

12. Ugly Betty - I have only watched a few episodes here and there but I saw the finale last season and I have to see which guy Betty chooses!

13. Scrubs ABC - That is right folks... Scrubs is back! Only now they're on a new network! Yeah!

Click here for a printable schedule of network season premieres. And click here for more Thursday Thirteen.


Nicholas said...

I'm with you on The Office and Ugly Betty. I don't watch any others. However, i did get the first season of Lost from Blockbuster, just to see what all the fuss is about, but after 8 episodes I decided I had had enough.

Michelle said...

I also can't wait for the new TV season to start. I can't wait to see what happens on Hero's and Lost. What a fun TT. Happy TT to you.

Candy Minx said...

I watcha lot of these ones least a couple times a month. Soemtimes I fall behind.

I never miss an episode of LOST or Grey's Anatomy though. I can't waait to see where the shows take us emotionally this season.

I also watch House, Top Design, Project Runway, The Closer.

Happy TT and here is my list:

Malcolm said...

"Pushing Daisies" is one of the few first run shows that I watch on a regular basis. In case you haven't heard, the first season was released this past Tuesday. That means you have about two weeks to catch up before season 2 starts on Oct. 1st. :-)

I'm intrigued to see "Scrubs" when ABC brings it back at midseason. Although Zach Braff has said that this will likely be his last season, "Scrubs" may continue if the ratings are solid.

Betty said...

I cannot wait for Lost to begin again! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Nice to meet you! :)

Sandy Toes said...

I cannot wait till Lost...I think it is about time to answer some questions...we have all been "lost" long enough!
-Sandy Toes

On a limb with Claudia said...

What fun! I don't have a TV so I haven't seen most of these. We love the guy who created pushing daisy's so we've seen that!

Enjoy the fall season!

Meju said...

Looks like a varied list. I think Pushing Daisies sounds good.

Lazy Daisy said...

I like all these shows but have never heard of #11.

Lori said...

Lost and Biggest Loser!! Woohoo..what about Survivor? When is Lost coming back, anyway? Great list. I like Scrubs too:) Happy TT.

SJ Reidhead said...

I am so out of touch, I don't watch any of these. Lost lost me half way through last year.

I'm waiting for Ghost Hunter, Mythbusters - pathetic, aren't I?

The Pink Flamingo

verabear said...

The episode of Pushing Daisies that I've seen tells me it's ok so I'd love to watch that again. Heroes would be on my list too but I've got to start from the very beginning. Scrubs rock! I'd watch Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs one after the other. hehe.

We have a local Ugly Betty here in the Philippines already. :)

Ohh you've got me started on TV shows I might not be able to stop. So i'll stop now. zip. hehe:)

Great TT!

forgetfulone said...

I don't get to watch too much TV, but I do like Grey's Anatomy@

Anonymous said...

I have been chomping at the bit waiting for Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice to come back! I love Biggest Loser too.

Happy TT!

Brenda ND said...

I'm looking forward to Heroes.
Happy TT!

Emma Sanders said...

I'm not much of TV watcher (would have time to write (or read) my books) but I love Smallville (my husband got me hooked on that), and tonight is the Season Premiere. I can't wait!

Darla said...

My daughter's a big fan of the Conchords--she keeps making us watch the videos on YouTube.

oh amanda said...

Lost and Heroes--yes, yes!!

And I LOVE Pushing Daisies. I did recaps all last season if you need to catch up...


bernieg1 said...

Scrubs is the one I am really looking forward too!

My TT this is week is about the 13 Myths of Sarah Palin

Los Angelista said...

Visiting you from TT and it looks like you've picked some winners! I just watched Biggest Loser for the first time the other night. I'll definitely watch again. I did Lost the first season and Heroes the first season but other commitments kept me from being to keep up with what was going on.

PopArtDiva said...

Yup - I love Heroes too - I anxiously await it's return every season! I've gotten a bit bored with Lost though. I don't watch the Office (spent too many years in Corporate America for that to seem funny to me, lol), I watch Grey's and Criminal Minds. I miss Mandy Patinkin on Minds though. Pushing Daisies is good, but I thought they cancelled it? Ugly Betty's one of my top 5! Scrubs is back? Hooray for ABC!

I'm already into Fringe and I look forward to Hell's Kitchen (I can't help myself!).

You handed over TV and I'll hand over the munchies to go with! I posted Links to 13 of my favorite Tiny Food Recipes and free recipe cards - Tiny Food is my name for appetizers and finger foods!

Happy TT!