Friday, September 26, 2008

FFF - FireProof Your Marriage

One of the most important things you can do for your family is to take good care of your marriage. Now days it seems that it is socially acceptable to treat your marriage as though it were disposable. Its so sad that the divorce rate is so high, even among Christians. The vows that are exchanged on our wedding day seem to mean so little anymore. When a man or woman expresses discontentment about their marriage to friends so often they are rarely encouraged to work things out but throw in the towel. Books, movies, they all portray marriage as something that comes and goes - you fall in love and out of love and move on and fall in love again and round and round we go. What a sad way to live your life, never experiencing the true devoted love that a solid marriage provides.
I just heard about the movie "Fireproof" and wanted to share about it:
Lt. Caleb Holt lives by the old firefighter's adage: Never leave your partner behind. Inside burning buildings, it's his natural instinct. In the cooling embers of his marriage, it's another story.
After a decade of marriage, Caleb and Catherine Holt have drifted so far apart that they are ready to move on without each other. Yet as they prepare to enter divorce proceedings, Caleb's dad asks his son to try an experiment: The Love Dare.
While hoping The Love Dare has nothing to do with his parents' newfound faith, Caleb commits to the challenge. But can he attempt to love his wife while avoiding God's love for him? Will he be able to demonstrate love over and over again to a person that's no longer receptive to his love? Or is this just another marriage destined to go up in smoke?

It looks really good. Sometimes faith-based movies can be pretty low budget but this one seems to be really well done and is getting really positive reviews. Besides Kirk Cameron is in it (I used to have a crush on him back in the "Growing Pains" days!). Please take the time to check it out and spread the word!

Really funny (but oh so true) clip about the difference between men and women's brains! Watch it!!

If you are struggling in your marriage... please do not be afraid to seek help. Your marriage is worth saving! Here are just a few resources to get you started:
Fireproof My Marriage
Purpose, Passion & Pleasure Conference
Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference
DNA of Relationships for Couples
Smart Marriages
For Better, For Worse, For Keeps


Sniz said...

I gotta admit, I'd never made the connection about the nothing box, but it makes perfect sense! Hey, I hope to see you tonight! Have a good day, Wani!!

Missy said...

I think this movie looks really good...Hubby and I are hoping to go see it soon if/when we get to have a date night! : ) And I had a crush on Kirk Cameron, too! In fact, my cousin just reminded me this weekend that I had posters of him all over my walls. : )

patrick said...

I just got back from watching Fireproof... it was great to see such a different-flavored movie on the regular, big screen