Saturday, September 13, 2008

In The Motherhood heads from the Web to TV!

If you haven't checked out In The Motherhood yet you should! Moms from all over have posted their funny, real life stories about daily life as a mother and then the best of these stories get made into webisodes that are just hilarious! Leah Remini, Chelsea Handler and Jenny McCarthy are so funny in these made for the web shorts. Totally easy to relate to situations, but so much funnier when retold by these great women comics.
I just read online at the Hollywood Reporter that ABC is picking up In the Motherhood for a 13 episode season. TvDecoder says it should be ready to air sometime midseason! Chelsea Handler is the only one of the three current "mothers" to be following the motherhood to tv. She will be joined by Megan Mullally (of Will and Grace) and possibly Cheryl Hines (of Curb Your Enthusiasm).
Here is one of the many funny webisodes available online. Check 'em out and tune in to ABC to watch the show this season!

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Sniz said...

Hilarious! I'll definately watch this! I CAN'T wait until Friday!!!!