Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Therapy Tool

Thanks to the First Steps loan pool we have acquired a stander for Joe. This is one of the more basic models(click here to see others). One company I found online describes the benefits of a pediatric stander this way:

The EasyStand Magician standing frames by Altimate Medical benefit children of all ages both physically and psychologically. Physically, standing can assist with skeletal development in children, help normalize respiratory function, and improve circulation. Having the ability to bear weight strengthens bones and muscles.

Psychologically, standing promotes independence, enhances learning, and encourages kids to explore their environment. Children generally feel more comfortable interacting with others when standing at eye level.

We're still getting used to it. Isaac kind of had a hard time when he first saw it. It was more "medical" looking than he was expecting. Joe seems to like it alright - he's so easy going most of the time anyway. Nate is still intrigued by the new "toy". Its just one more thing to add into the daily routine. The PT recommends that he be in it 2-3 times a day for 30min. We are working up to it. It hasn't become a natural part of our life yet.

We are hoping to get our insurance sorted out soon so we can get the MRI and EMG done soon.

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Bryanne said...

It is great to see that Joe is standing!! Starting good habits at an early age will benefit his health down the road.