Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Craft Camp Week 3 - Armor of God

This was my week to be in charge of Craft Camp activities.  I came across so many great Medieval crafts and activities it was so hard to choose what to do!  We ended up having a couple of stations and rotating the kids around to do the different activities.

The first station was Paint Stick Swords.  It was pretty simple but a little time consuming since we were letting the kids wrap their own swords.

Then it was on to Goblet Making.  They decorated clear plastic cups with gemstone stickers.  This one was pretty simple but fun.
Then each child got to create cardboard Shields with their choice of family crest/coat of arms design on them.  .  I originally was going to explain what each color and shape meant and make it really meaningful but it ended up being a little too busy to get their attention long enough for that.  I also had bible verses about the Armor of God for them to go over but that too was also hard to get their attention for.

With all that energy to burn we took them outside for "Knight Training".  They did sword fighting, jumping jacks, horseback riding (piggy-back), and of course how could we forget: pool noodle jousting! ;-)
Whenever I do something like this I can always find things that I would or could have done differently... but the kids had a great time and that is all that I can ask for!


Julie R said...

Cute! The last picture of Nate is really cute.

danielle said...

Looks like a lot of fun!