Thursday, July 05, 2012

DIY Wedding Invitations

With my baby sister getting married this summer we have been busy with lots of DIY projects!  We created a Pinterest board just for wedding ideas and it has been so helpful!
First on the wedding to-do list was the invitations.  Since both the bride and groom are English majors we are going with a literary theme for the wedding.  So we were immediately drawn to these library card invitations.  So cute and clever!  We ended up combining a couple elements that we really liked into one awesome invitation.

After some deliberation we decided to combine a few of our favorite elements of all of these invitations into our own unique creation.  Here is what we came up with.

For the actual wedding invitation we layered a library card envelope on top of the patterned cardstock.  We embellished the library card pocket with a shimmery ribbon and a stamp with the bride and groom's silhouettes on it.
 Inside is the invitation itself which we designed using a printable library card.
Thenext picture is of Hannah's bridal shower invitation.  My mom scanned the scrapbooking cardstock that we used in the wedding invitation and used it as the outline for the shower invite.  The silhouette was created from a photo I took of Hannah during her engagement session.

My sister is pleased and that is all we can ask for!  We are all so excited for her!


Julie R said...

So I'm a little behind, so I'm commenting on several posts at once. These are so cool! I love the wedding invitation. So much better than anything you could have ordered! I can't imagine your sister being anything but pleased. You are one creative girl!

Michael said...

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