Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekly Goals (July30-Aug5)

Last week:
finish reading When Saints Sing the Blues and move on to Real Moms... Real Jesus by Jill Savage - DONE - a couple of chapters into Real Moms now

attend our last craft camp and send out questionnaire for feedback - DONE - we had a great time!  I'm still waiting for responses from the other moms.

do at least two activities and/or outings that I've put off all summer - DONE - we went to the splash pad and also redeemed a couple of our free kids meal coupons from summer reading programs

complete a chore/reward system for Nate - DONE - thanks to a friend we have a new system in place!

keep a food journal to keep myself accountable of what I'm putting into my body - DONE - hoping to keep up with that.

read the packet of info on SCD that was suggested by one of Joe's docs and start the book from my dietician friend gave me: Nourishing Hope by Julie Matthews - Only take look at them.  Waiting til after our appointment with a naturalist before we make any decisions.

take a look at our curriculum for this coming year to get prepared for school to start - DONE - I've got nearly everything we need... but wedding stuff is keeping me from focusing too much on this right now, we're waiting until after the wedding to start school.

get my hair cut ;-)  -  DONE - before/after post to follow! 


Goals for Week of July 30 - August 5

read a few chapters in  Real Moms... Real Jesus by Jill Savage - realistically know I probably won't finish (this being wedding week and all)

plan field trip to Wilbur Wright Birthplace Museum for homeschool group

attend preview of Joe's kindergarten classroom - and buy class supplies

read aloud with the kids every day

cook 16lbs of pulled pork for the wedding reception

help finish last minute wedding stuff

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