Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY Baby Shower

My sister, Lauren's baby shower was last weekend.  She is now living out of state and it is so great to have her come back for a visit from time to time!  We miss her!

My gift to Lauren was a diaper bag that I made for her using this tutorial.  I really like the look of it but if I make this bag again I will probably box the corners instead of doing it with the rounded corners like the tutorial says.  I love this fabric!  Got it at The French Seam on the northside of Indy.  They have such cute fabric there!
 We played the candy bar in the diaper game.  Its a classic!  ;-)  And my favorite baby shower game:  Baby Shower Bingo
 Here is a pix of me, my sister Lauren (the mom-to-be), my sister Hannah (bride-to-be) and my cousin Shelby.  I love those girls!
 And here is Lauren with her future mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  They are such sweet ladies!
And here is the traditional picture of Cindy talking to the baby in the belly.  I am pretty sure I have a shot of this with each of my pregnancies.
Oh look!  Here I am pregnant with Christine with Cindy and Julie both talking to the baby belly.  Aw... aren't they cute?  ;-) 

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