Friday, June 06, 2008


I have a few e-newsletters that I subscribe to. Sometimes they are aren't anything special but often I find that they have great links that I really enjoy checking out. Here are a few recent ones that I thought were pretty good - I think they all have pictures and instructions.

Wedding Scrapbook Page Ideas @ (I'm a little behind... I'm still working on doing my own wedding pages... and we got married five years ago!)

Decorating With Paper @ (some really fun ideas)

DIY Father's Day Cards @ (easy but super cute!)

Top 10 Choosy Eaters Recipes @ (really simple/easy recipes)

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas @ (there are tons of other party themes too)


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh thanks for all the links :)

Sandy C. said...

THANK YOU for posting those links. Especially the Father's day card. I was just thinking I need to make a few :)

C. Leinbach said...

I comment because I love you. No other reason. Oh I miss you too. Toilet bowl my roomie just said it so I wrote it.


Anne said...

I received my embellishments that I won from you! Thank you so much! They are so cute!